Emmanuelle Assmann reelected as the head of the French Paralympic Committee

1 juin 2017 Commentaires fermés sur Emmanuelle Assmann reelected as the head of the French Paralympic Committee

The NPC France members were reunited for the General Elective Assembly at INSEP on Thursday June 1st. Ghani Yalouz, Director General of INSEP, was present for the opening of the General Assembly, proud to welcome the CPSF in September.

Emmanuelle ASSMANN was reelected for a second term as the head of the French Paralympic Movement.

The assembly approuved by unanimous vote the administrative council choice to elect Emmanuelle Assmann. A former paralympic fencer who was bronze medallist at the Athens Paralympic Games in 2004 who works at EDF annd also member of the directing committee of the French Disabled Federation.

Emmanuelle Assmann wants to thank the Administrative council and its members while reaffirming her commitment to developping the paralympic movement in all its facets.

« I am honoured to receive once again your support and confidence and I am proud to belong to this movement who by its engagement, expertise brings daily its contribution to a society which is inclusive where differences are seen and accepted. Together, we have already accomplished great things, but even bigger things are to come.

I will offer the best of my passion and energy during this second term with the will to continue to help grow the paralympic movement. It will be a collective effort on the part of the administrative council and the federation members which I know will be a great success thanks to the involvement of each and every one of them.

Together with the whole french sport family, we are going to bring all our ressources to make the Paris 2024 bid a success and I am so happy that the paralympic has such important place in the bid. With Paris 2024, we will be able to leave an extraordinary legacy, making the city and sport accessible to all and last but not least to change perception of differences ».

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Administrative council > 11 members were elected

College of Founding Federations
Emmanuelle ASSMANN
Frédéric DELPY (Président FFHandisport)
Sandrine DESTOUCHES (FF Sport Adapté)
Henri MIAU (FF Sport Adapté)
Sylvain PAILLETTE (FFHandisport)
Marc TRUFFAUT (Président FF Sport Adapté)
Guislaine WESTELINCK (FFHandisport)


College of Paralympic Sports
Jean-Jacques MULOT
(Président FF Aviron)
Dominique OHLMANN (FF Tir à l’Arc)


Associated sports college
Charles GANDIA
(FF Golf)


High level athlete



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