Parabadminton: Lucas Mazur, perseverance and ambition!

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As of January 2015, it’s official! Badminton is part of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo, one of the 22 sports that will take place in the Japanese capital from the August 25 – September 6, 2020. We met with Lucas Mazur, rising star of French parabadminton, voted best player in the world in 2016 by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) and best European player in 2016…

Please describe yourself in a few words
I’m 19, I am a student in Bourges, I’m 1m93 (6 foot 3 inches). I had a stroke when I was 3 but I’ve practiced sports since I was 6, for example, football.


How long have you been playing badminton ?
I’ve been playing badminton since I was 12 and was first selected to be on the French team in 2014.


How does parabadminton compare to badminton ?
They’re very similar as they are both played on the same court. There are some specitifies, mostly for wheelchair athletes, who play on half a court and without the front section of the court, and also for the category SL3 athletes (severe impairment of the lower limbs)


Tell us about your preparation for the 2017 season. How much do you train in a week ?
2017 is the year of the World Championships so I’m clearly motivated to work hard when I train ! One or two sessions a day, that’s the secret, in fact… train hard but more importantly train well, looking for constant improvement. Currently, I train 15 to 20 hours per week and I’m satisfied with this pace.
How do you balance your professionnal life, your private life and your status as a high-level athlete ?
I must admit it isn’t easy to find time both to study and to train, so finding the balance is often challenging. My schedule changes every week at the IUT (University Institutes of Technology) so it’s not easy to plan in advance. But, no worries, it’s all about adapting !


Badminton is part of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games, are you thinking about this ? What are your short and mid term goals ?
Of course, I’m thinking about it ! I’m aiming for the Tokyo Paralympics, and everyone close to me constantly reminds me of the upcoming Games (laughter). Short and mid term goals: the 2017 and 2019 World Championships, which will be very important for the Games, as they will « set the stage ». Longer term, I hope to compete over time, to participate in 4 or 5 Paralympic Games, but that… will be up to my body!


What is your state of mind before a competition ?
I’m concentrated on what I need to do, I think a lot, I listen to music. It’s primordial to feel at ease before a competition.


What is your best competition memory ?
Without a doubt, the final of the World Championship in England in 2015, when I became vice world champion ! On that day, there was a unique atmosphere, different from other competitions. I was in my bubble, my tenacity and perseverance finally paid off !


What does it mean to you to be voted best world player by the BWF in 2016 and best european player in 2017 ?
It’s a recognition of an exceptional year for me in 2016, the best year of my young career !


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